Our Mission

We work with selected clients and help them build heavy duty applications with web-faced front-ends.

We started in 2016 as an experimental research project for highly available infrastructure stacks, virtualization, and databases. In 2017 we adopted a more practical approach, leveraging our team’s comprehensive knowledge and experience in architecting and building applications with a main focus on robustness, performance, scalability, and security.


No Man’s Mind implements a strict concept for sustainability. The costs for this are not passed on to our clients.

  • Our servers are based in Germany and therefore subject to strict German data protection laws
  • Our servers run on 100% green and renewable energy from regional water power
  • Our office space is powered by 100% green energy from regional solar and wind power
  • Our company’s banking accounts are managed by GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, a socially responsible bank which only invests in socially and ecologically sustainable projects

Our Stack


  • Mainly MVP-based
  • Test Driven
  • Agile

Software Architecture

  • Analysis and Optimization
  • Database Architecture
  • User Flow Wireframes
  • UX/UI Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Continuous Integration-Based Deployment Pipelines (We have our own servers)
  • Testing (BDD, Unit Tests, Browser Tests)
  • Designing Practical Software-Level Security Concepts

Languages and Frameworks — Web

  • PHP-Stack (PHP, Smarty)
  • Front-End Stack (HTML, CSS, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript)

Languages — General Purpose and Back-End

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Haskell


If you

  • are interested in cooperating with us or
  • have questions regarding our work

please contact us via erik /at/ nomansmind /dot/ com.

We are also looking for people to join our team. If you have an advanced degree in

  • Computer Science / Engineering,
  • Physics or
  • Mathematics,

and are passionate about building numerical models, financial engineering, economics, law, or machine learning feel free to contact us — we at least will buy you lunch.

Privacy Statement

No data is collected, saved or analyzed by us.


No Man’s Mind GbR
Pestalozzistr. 103
10625 Berlin

Legal Representatives: Erik Lautenschläger and Michael Dietzel

Tel: +49 (0) 174 8389887

Email: io@nomansmind.com